About Us

David Hall Building Appraisals was established in 1986 to provide specialist expertise in the area of building construction, defects and solutions to building problems and defects. We specialize in providing technical expertise in determining a defect to assist the legal profession in Court and CTTT matters.

We have an extensive knowledge of the building and construction industry ranging from a single residence to unit construction.

Reports which are completed are substantiated by the various Australian Standards, Building Code of Australia and Acceptable Standards and Tolerances.
Areas of Expertise
David Hall Building Appraisals expertise ranges from a single residence to most unit developments, as well as commercial and industrial. Areas covered include defective or sub-standard building work. Sub-standard building and/or pest pre-purchase inspections can also be evaluated. Our expertise also includes asbestos identification reporting.

Our expertise does not cover everything and areas beyond our expertise are noted and separate specialist experts are referenced, e.g. a structural engineer on the structural adequacy, fire consultant on fire provisions or upgrading and Entomologist for pest infestation.
Our fees are calculated on an hourly rate. Prior to accepting a commission an Agreement of Fees must be signed by the client and a retainer paid. Further information can be obtained by contacting us on 02 9418 7750 or email info@buildingexpertwitness.com.au

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