Expert Code of Conduct

All reports must be completed with an over-riding duty to the Courts or CTTT and not to the person retaining an expert. Reports are to be completed in accordance with Schedule 7 - Expert Code of Conduct and must be signed to agree with the binding terms.

All reports are to be provided with a signed document that the building expert witness will abide by Schedule 7 - Expert Code of Conduct, June 2005. This is required for all Court matters and a separate Code of Conduct is required for CTTT matters.

The expert is required to have an over-riding duty to assist the Court impartially on matters within their expertise. Their duty is to the Courts and not the person retaining their services. The expert is to work within their field of expertise. Where the Court directs, an expert may be required to confer with other trades or the expert on the other side in a conclave to narrow the outstanding issues. A joint report on agreed and non-agreed areas may be required to reduce the areas in dispute and reduce Court time spent on a matter.
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